How can I get truck loads in Canada?

Heavy hauling can sometimes be a slim margins game, however, if one thing goes wrong, you could be in the red. It’s better to find loads that offer better margins.

Finding profitable loads greatly contributes to the financial success for an owner-operator . Although truckers don’t make any revenue when searching for truck loads, which loads a trucker hauls will determine their revenue potential.

Digital technologies that cater to truckers and digital load boards have become the go-to source for many truckers when searching for loads.

Even if you have a stable client base, margins for owner-operators can be small. Owner-operators who are looking to reduce the number of empty miles they travel in their truck should join the best load board in Canada to increase their profits.

How to find truck loads

There is a lot to consider when finding loads on load boards. Some cater to specific markets or trailer type. Some have complicated and poor pay structures, and some don’t properly vet the drivers or customers so customers could be underhanded and drivers could be unprofessional. You want to find a load board app that provides plenty of loads by legitimate customers that pay fair truck driver wages.

Trusted Dispatch knows how passionate you are about the trucking industry and how much time you invest away from family and loved ones. The company believes you should be maximizing profits on the road, so they don’t’ make truckers bid for loads. The trucking industry is a giant and full of competition, and drivers can be their own worst enemy when willing to lower rates to get the work. Drivers don’t make money and shippers may not end up with a quality driver.

Quick and easy to use, Trusted Dispatch is the best load board in Canada and one of the fastest growing booking systems for heavy hauls in the nation. Download the app to find out why:

Trusted Dispatch specializes in shipping heavy hauls and oversized loads. Most common hauls include agricultural, oil and gas, forestry, mining and construction equipment. A few smaller, partial loads that are ideal for LTLs or smaller flat deck or gooseneck trailers are also available.

More than 20 new loads are added each week and that number is increasing steadily.

Using the company’s patented technology, haulers can quickly and easily find loads that match their fleet capabilities and location, decrease the number of empty miles driven and increase their profits.

The app is like Uber, but for heavy haulers and shippers. The efficiency this app brings to the industry creates greater revenue for the truck driver and lower shipping costs for the customer.

How Trusted Dispatch calculates rates

Trusted Dispatch uses automatically computed rates that are designed to be fair to both the driver and the customer. Fair wages for truck drivers attract truck drivers that are professional, safe and on time, which then attracts new and repeat customers. Fair costs for the customer translate into more loads being posted on Trusted Dispatch’s app. Download it here:

The rates calculated by the app are designed to respect your professional time and costs.

This is how it calculates rates. It determines which category to place a load, based on how many axles are needed to haul the load and whether specialty equipment is needed. This determines the base hourly rate. The platform estimates the load and unload time, with a minimum of one hour each at full rates. It also estimates the time it would take to cover the distance at average truck travel speeds, including a little extra to allow for deadheading, and charges that at full hourly rates.

Add it up and that total could be your next source of revenue.

Also, if you see a load with a posted rate that doesn’t work for you, you can place an offer that does work.

There are no hidden fees; Trusted Dispatch deposits the full amount that was listed on the job sheet when you accepted to haul the load. All loads are prepaid and the company directly deposits the amount to the driver within seven days of completion of the delivery.

Finding loads in Canada is easy

To become a Trusted Dispatch driver and have access to the best load board in Canada, you just need to be the professional driver you are. Shippers will be relying on you not only to haul their load but also for advice and a professional experience.

Obviously, you must have your own equipment and cargo insurance covering the value of the freight you expect to haul.

Trusted Dispatch provides a platform that is supported by a team of dedicated professionals. They are not serving as the middle man between the driver and shipper; that method decreases efficiency. With Trusted Dispatch, the driver and shipper have direct contact with each other. This leads to clearer communication and better trust between the shipper and driver.

To give drivers and shippers peace of mind, no brokers are allowed on the platform. Brokers create low rates, miss communication and bad experiences.

Take a look at the company’s Drivers in action page to see the types of loads that get posted to their system.

Quality loads that will make you more money could be in the palm of your hand if you join the growing community of Trusted Dispatch professional heavy haulers. Click here to learn more and become a Trusted Dispatch driver.

Registering to be a Trusted Dispatch trucker is easy. Once registered, load notifications that meet your filtering is sent to you and you can accept loads with just one click. Will you join the best load board in Canada?

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