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What Is Unique About Us? 

We know how passionate you are about the trucking industry, how much time you invest away from family and loved ones. We believe that you should be maximizing profits when you are on the road. This is why we do not believe in bidding for loads. The trucking industry is a giant and full of competition, and drivers can be their own worst enemy when willing to lower rates to get the work.  Drivers don’t make money and shippers may not end up with a quality driver.

The Trusted Dispatch approach is automatically computed rates that are fair to both the Driver and the Customer. You are a professional, and we want you paid like a professional.

A few reasons to join our community:

  • All loads are pre-paid, we direct deposit to the Driver within 7 days after delivery
  • No hidden fees, we deposit the full amount that was listed on the job sheet when you accepted to haul the load. 
  • Direct contact between the customer and the Driver, no middle men 
  • No brokers allowed! No miscommunication or misleading information. We ensure we only have loads that are real and one click away for you to accept.
  • If you see a load that you want but the rate just doesn’t quite work for you, you can place an offer that does work. Your new offer will be sent to the customer, and they will have the option to accept it.

We have loads in Canada and the United States. Our loads consist of ag equipment, oil and gas, forestry, mining and construction equipment. Some smaller partial loads too that work as LTLs or work for smaller flat deck or gooseneck trailers. Take a look at our Drivers in action to give you a better idea of the loads that get posted on our system. For now, on average, we produce 20 loads a week


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How Are Rates Calculated? 

Trusted Dispatch calculates rates by respecting your professional time and costs.

  • The platform determines which category to place the load, based on how many axles are needed to haul the load and whether specialty equipment is needed. This determines the base hourly rate.
  • The platform estimates the load and unload time, with a minimum of 1 hour each at full rates.
  • The platform estimates the time it would take to cover the distance at average truck travel speeds, including a little extra to allow for deadheading, again at full hourly rates.Add all that up and you get the final total.

What Do We Need From You? 

Just be the professional you are. You must have your own cargo insurance covering the value of the freight you accept to haul. You must also have the proper equipment, skills, and knowledge to make haul safely and within the law. Shippers will be relying on you for advice and a fully professional experience.

We look forward to working with you!

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