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How does Trusted Dispatch’s system work? 

We provide a solution to shippers looking to have heavy equipment hauled throughout Canada and the USA. Our automated system allows a shipper to obtain a free instant quote in three clicks, and if the rate works for them, they can publish that load instantly to our community of expert heavy haul drivers. 

It's simple! You get notified of the load, hit the accept button, receive confirmation from the shipper, deliver the equipment and then carry on. Trusted Dispatch will pay you by direct deposit upon the delivery code being entered.

We do focus our efforts on Heavy Equipment loads specifically for open deck transport, but we do have everything in between. Take a look at our drivers in action to give you a better idea of the equipment we've hauled. Our main aim is to help you - the owner operator - increase your revenue and utilize any spare deck capacity you might have.

Note: We do not have loads that require a reefer van, and rarely have loads that require a dry van. Likewise, we rarely have loads that require bulk transport or dumps.

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Why Join Trusted Dispatch's Community of Drivers? 

  • Pre-Paid loads: Our loads are pre-paid to Trusted Dispatch at the point you are confirmed as the driver by the shipper. 
  • When We Pay: We pay all our drivers via direct deposit within 7 days on completion of the load. There is no extra charge for “faster payment” unlike some other load boards. 
  • Direct contact with the shipper: as soon as you are the confirmed driver, you are provided immediately with the shippers contact information. 
  • We also built a messaging portal that allows you to ask the shipper a question about the posted load, prior to you accepting it. You can also use this feature when you are the confirmed driver, as another means of contact. 
  • Accessibility: We built an app that allows you to have a great experience using your mobile device. Find loads, message the shipper, submit an offer, update your profile, etc. You can also access our site on your tablet, laptop, or your desktop. No additional charges to download and use our app, likewise for the website! 

As a subscribed driver you will have the ability to view listings by origin, weight and much more. You will also receive notifications when loads become available in your filtered criteria. Whether you are driving across town, province, state, or country, there might be a load that works for you. 


How much does it cost to subscribe as a Trusted Dispatch Driver? 

You get to decide based on the loads you want and the equipment you have which subscription package works for you.  Subscriptions are renewable annually or after a minimum of six loads, whichever is longer. We will remind you to renew your subscription when it nears expiry. If your subscription is not renewed, then you will automatically move to a basic account until you renew again. 

Important - No Refunds: We want to be the easiest to use and highest earning load board for you. Our promise is a minimum of six loads, and hopefully many more over a year. On your side, since we offer no-haggle pricing, you will have to make quick decisions to take loads that work, otherwise another driver may grab it.  

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