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We know that shipping heavy equipment can be a headache, you need experts that specialize in heavy hauls at a fair rate. Don’t waste time chasing quotes and checking references, Trusted Dispatch can solve this problem for you.

Shipping heavy equipment is easy and fast using Trusted Dispatch’s shipping cost calculator. Our platform connects you with a heavy haul trucker within 3 easy steps, you have just found the cheapest way to transport equipment within Canada and United States.

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Follow these steps and learn how easy it is to ship heavy equipment with Trusted Dispatch.

  1. On our website, click GET YOUR INSTANT SHIPPING QUOTE and access our heavy haul rate calculator.

    Input pick-up & drop-off location, weight and dimensions (use our specs tool to easily find accurate information of the heavy equipment you are transporting) and within 3 clicks you get your instant quote.

    Do not worry about any details, we will send you a copy of your shipping quote to your e-mail. Give a try to our shipping calculator for free!

  2. Publish your load for free to our community of expert heavy haul truckers that are already going that way. Our advanced algorithms allow you to save up to 30% of your transportation costs.

    • Create a user profile for free and provide us with your contact information.
    • Check all the load details required by the driver to complete the delivery of the equipment. Pick-up and Drop-off date, location and times, as well as special instructions and requirements for loading and unloading.
    • Once published, we will send your load to our database of expert heavy haul truckers and you will receive a text message or an e-mail confirmation when a driver that has the right experience and equipment for the load accepts the job.
    • You can easily access the driver’s details (rating, credentials, etc.) and communicate with him using our messaging system.
    • Confirm your driver and prepay your load using a credit card when the payment is processed you will receive a message from Trusted Dispatch. If you want to set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) give us a call +1-587-956-8681 and we can provide our bank information.

  3. Your load will be hauled safely by an expert heavy haul trucker door to door.

    We will send you an e-mail with the driver’s contact information and a delivery code that you will share with the driver only once he has completed the delivery.

    The driver also receives the same information about you. We encourage the shipper and driver to get in contact as soon as possible to discuss any permitting requirements, piloting requirements, cross border paperwork etc.

    You can now sit back and relax. The driver will typically call you closer to delivery, and we always suggest that you touch base with the driver close to the delivery too.

    Once the driver completes the delivery, you will need to give him the delivery complete code. You can find that code on the confirmed driver’s e-mail. The driver uses this code on our platform to let us know the delivery was successful and allows us to pay him. As soon as we trigger the payment, you will receive the receipt from us too.

    When the driver enters the delivery complete code, our platform automatically sends you an e-mail with 5 stars. Just click the number of stars you would like to rate the service. 1 star, not very good, 5 stars excellent service.

How do I contact customer support at Trusted Dispatch?

If you have questions on any step in your shipping process, you can reach us in many ways, our team of expert heavy haul agents will be glad to help you.

You can either use our website by visiting or for even more convenience download our free app